Mission Statement

Article I: Name

Article II: Membership

Article III: Officers

Article IV: Officer Duties

Article V: Executive Board

Article VI: Financial Regulations

Article VII: General Body

Article VIII: Elections, Endorsements and Voting

Article IX: Standing Committees

Article X: Forming New Committees

Article XI: Bylaw Amendments

Article XII: Impeachment and Expelling

Article XIII: Vacancy of Executive Board

Mission Statement

The California Young Democrats of Riverside County’s mission is to:

1. Develop a fair and transparent club who, support and sustain a network of local Young Democrats in their efforts to raise awareness of pressing issues.

2. To help mold the future of the Democratic Party, and to help foster a network of clubs and associations amongst young democrats in Riverside County, for purposes of advocacy and actions that support our values and party ideals.

3. To encourage our community to support and vote for candidates/issues who are committed to progressive values and the ideals of the Democratic Party.

4. To work with: local Democratic Clubs, Labor, community organizations and individuals, to encourage and foster the creation of a strong countywide system of advocacy networks.

Section 1: The name of this organization will be the Riverside County Young Democrats(RCYD).

Section 2: Riverside County Young Democrats will be chartered with, and affiliated with the California Young Democrats, and by and through the California Young Democrats, will be affiliated with the Young Democrats of America.

ARTICLE II – Membership
Section 1: Membership requirements for the Riverside County Young Democrats will be the same as those of the Young Democrats of America, except that members must reside in or be registered to vote in Riverside County or an adjoining county.
A. Membership shall be allowed for all active military members and their family, who may reside on a part-time basis in Riverside County.

Section 2: Membership will not be affected/determined by: race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

Section 3: Members in good standing must:
A. Pay the annual membership fee by July 15th. Prorating is available for new members.
B. Annual membership fee is $25 for young professionals and $10 for students.
C. Register with full name, address, email, phone and date of birth.

Section 4: Members in good standing have the right to:
A. Attend and speak at all General Body meetings.
B. Form committees vis-à-vis article IX.
C. Hold any available RCYD officer position.
D. Receive information about the activities of RCYD.
E. Speak on behalf of the RYCD, if appointed and approved by the Executive Board of the RYCD for any one issue or event.

ARTICLE III – Officers
The Riverside County Young Democrats will compose of the Riverside County Young Democrats Executive Board and the remaining members. The Executive Board will consist of the officers of the Riverside County Young Democrats. The organization will have seven (7) elected officers.

Section 1: The seven voting officers will be: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Policy and Political Director, and Communications Director, and Fundraising Director.

Section 2: RCYD will also have an non-voting E-board elected member whom will serve as our Event Coordinator.

Section 3: Regional Commissioners shall be composed of members of various democratic clubs, throughout Riverside County. These persons shall not have executive board membership, nor e-board voting privileges, but shall be the conduit between the RCYD and their respective clubs.

A. ARTICLE IV – Officer Duties

Section 1: The Chair will be the chief executive officer for the organization. He/she will preside over all chapter meetings. He/she must be at least 18 years old, in order to co-sign the RCYD bank account. The Chair will have all of the following duties and powers. The absence of a specific power or duty from this list, is not a denial of its existence.
A. Establish administrative procedures not otherwise provided for by the constitution or bylaws of this chapter.
B. Act for, and on behalf of, the county chapter when not in session.
C. Attend all meetings of the California Young Democrats. When the attendance of the Chair is not possible, the Vice-Chair shall be responsible for attending. If the Vice-Chair is also unavailable, then the line of succession for attendance is as follows: Treasurer, Policy and Political Director, Secretary, Communications Director, and Fundraising Chair.
D. Establish the agenda for each meeting of the county chapter (general and executive).
E. Serve as delegation chair to the California Young Democrat’s state convention.
F. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
G. Remove anyone from any appointed position, pending the approval of the Executive Board.
H. Co-sign RCYD’s bank account, if at least 18 years of age.
I. Be a co-signer of all expenditures for the club.
J. Assure publicity for all upcoming events and meetings.
K. Assume the position of Chair of affiliated Political Action Committee(s) upon approval by the Executive Board by majority vote; or appoint a Chair of affiliated Political Action Committee(s) upon approval by Executive Board by majority vote.

Section 2: Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair will have all the following duties and powers:
A. Chair the Recruiting Committee.
B. Appoint a vice chair of the Recruiting Committee, pending the approval of the Executive Board.
C. Act as Chair Pro-Tempore in the absence of the Chair. In a case where the Chair’s office becomes vacant, the Vice-Chair will become the Chair automatically and will assume all powers, duties and responsibilities associated with that position. The office of the Vice Chair then is vacant, and will be filled by an appointment of the new Chair, pending the approval of the Executive Board and the general body.
D. Assist the Chair.

Section 3: The RCYD Secretary shall have all the following duties and powers:
A. Keep accurate minutes of all chapter meetings (General and Executive Board).
B. Keep an accurate mailing list and phone directory of all members.
C. See to all correspondence of the chapter as directed by the Chair.

Section 4: The RCYD Treasurer shall have the following duties and powers:
A. Keep accurate record of RCYD’s financial transactions.
B. Must be at least 18 years old.
C. Co-sign RCYD’s bank account. C. Present a financial report to the General Body annually.
D. Assume the position of treasurer for RCYD affiliated Political Action Committee(s) or General Purpose Committee(s); or recommend the appointment of a treasurer for RCYD affiliated Political Action Committee(s) or General Purpose Committee(s) to the RCYD Chair, Political Action Committee chair, or acting chair of either.
E. Be a co-signer for all expenditures for the club.

Section 4: The chapter Communications Director shall have all the following duties & powers:
A. Chair the campaign committee.
B. Substitute for other board members when necessary.
C. Facilitate public relations via social media, press-releases, and ad-hoc communication,websites and other avenues upon approval by the Chair.
D. Shall not veer in communications of any from, the overall message and purpose of the RCYD without Executive Board approval.

Section 5: The chapter Policy and Political Director shall have all the following duties & powers:
A. Chair the Policy and Political Committee.
B. Appoint a vice chair of the Policy and Political Committee, pending the approval of the Executive Board.
C. Serve as lead contact to the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee Issues and Legislation Committee.
D. Represent the RCYD on matters of policy and politics.
E. Attend various club meetings/organizations meetings in the County, and serve as conduit between local office holders.
F. Report, all meetings/organizations meetings attended, in a brief report to the Executive Board on a monthly basis. Present this report to the general membership at each RCYD meeting.

Section 6: Fundraising Chair
A. The chapter fundraiser shall request donations and complete all necessary associated work, with fundraising for RCYD. Duties shall include but not be limited to: Requesting donations from elected democratic officials, non-profits, and other entities who’s mission aligns with RCYD. The fundraiser should coordinate all efforts with the RCYD Treasurer, to maintain necessary compliance with state and federal fundraising laws.

B. The Fundraising Chair shall have a vote and be considered a principle member of the E-Board.

Section 7: Events Coordinator
A. The Events Coordinator shall be the main point person, who establishes events that RCYD may sponsor. The duties shall include: calling various peoples and locations to set up, and complete necessary communications to facilitate the event.

Section 8: Regional Commissioners shall have the following duties and powers:
A. Commissioners shall be required to attend each RCYD meeting and file a report with the Secretary about the activities within their regional club. All Co-Commissioners shall also not be absent from RCYD meetings for more than 2 consecutive meetings.
B. Recruitment of Commissioners shall be the purview of the Recruitment Standing Committee. This standing committee shall set the determining qualifications for each commissioner, of which the Executive Board makes final approvals, for terms and for each person nominated to the position.
C. Commissioners shall initially be appointed for the first term by the Chair of the RCYD, and then elected thereafter by their respective home club.
D. Commissioners shall be independent arbiters, and act as representatives of the RCYD to their club.
E. Commissioners shall coordinate between the RCYD and their home club, about any actions, rallies, and or events.
F. With the approval of the Executive Board, Commissioners shall act on behalf of the RCYD in their region. An example of such duties might entail: writing opinion letters on policy to newspapers, taking part in rallies or actions in their region, approving sponsorship or coordination efforts between meetings of the club and elected officials. These and any other actions, shall be first approved by the executive board of the RCYD.
G. In the event a Regional Commissioner would like to take action on behalf of RCYD in his/her region, they shall submit a report for approval for advocacy to the RCYD. The Commissioners shall email each voting person on the Executive Board, at least one week before the event or purposed action is to take place. At that point, the members of the Executive Board shall discuss the proposal and vote accordingly. A meeting shall be called to, by the chair of the RCYD and be facilitated by group phone call, or digital media event.
H. Zoning for the Commissioner districts shall be determined by the Executive Board and a Zoning Committee. Every 10 years following a national census, the Chair shall appoint a committee to rezone Riverside County. The Zoning shall appropriate the county to incorporate as many Young Democrat Clubs as possible. Once approved, the Commissioner zones shall be set for 10 years from the date of adoption.

ARTICLE V – Executive Board
Section 1: The Riverside County Young Democrats Executive Board will be the chief policy making body for the chapter and all actions by the executive board will be executed following a majority vote.
A. A majority vote will be defined as fifty percent (50%) plus one (1).

Section 2: The Executive Board will have all the powers necessary for the proper and legal execution of all duties of the Riverside County Young Democrats.

Section 3: If votes are tied at the Executive Board, the Chair may refer the item to the General Body for resolution.

Section 4: If the general body fails to get a simple majority vote, the motion will be considered failed.

Section 5: The Executive Board will meet no less than ten (10) times during the course of one (1) fiscal year.

Section 6: Teleconference Meeting: Meetings of the Executive Board may be held via conference call or other web/phone/digital related technology. On phone meetings, all contested votes shall be cast by roll call vote. Each executive board member is entitled to speak on a motion at least once, prior to a motion to close debate being passed by the body.

Article VI – Financial Regulations
Section 1: RCYD’s bank account and affiliated political action committees must be co-signed by two (2) people (The Chair, and the Treasurer) and be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Expenses of $100 or less only require one (1) signature.

Section 2: The acting treasurer must present a financial report to the General Body annually.

Section 3: Executive board members have a discretionary expenditure limit of $50.

Section 4: All expenditures must be in line with RCYD’s mission.

Section 5: All amounts over $50 shall be reported to the executive board, and at each quarterly meeting, the treasurer will report ALL monied expenditures big and small. The treasurer has the power to deny all monetary requests as unreasonable to the preview of the clubs charter and duties. Any appeal of a denial for funds, shall be referred to the next executive board meeting for arbitration. This can be done through e-mail. Appeals shall be automatic. Commissioners shall request all funds from the RCYD, toward their related purposes.

Section 6: All financial activities including fundraising for the RCYD, endorsed candidates, are to be organized and facilitated by the Executive Board:
A. All financial activities exceeding $50 must be debated by and approved by the Executive Board in accordance with voting procedures outlined in Section V: Section 1: A. Approval shall be defined as 50% plus (1).
B. Financial activities will be facilitated through affiliated Political Action Committees.
C. Any member from the Executive Board may propose general membership approval of specific expenditures;
I. Such power will be granted to the general membership, upon approval by the board and the general membership;
II. Such decisions will be drafted by a five (5) person committee excluding officers elected by the general membership and approved by the general membership by majority vote consisting of fifty percent (50%) plus one (1).

ARTICLE VII – General Body
Section 1: The Riverside County Young Democrats general body will meet no less than six (6) times during the course of one (1) year.

Section 2: A quorum is defined as one-third (1/3) of the active members and no less than five (5) members in good standing. A quorum is necessary for election of officers, candidate endorsement, amendments to bylaws, and any binding resolutions.

Section 3: An active member must have attended at least 2 of the last 5 General Body meetings.

Section 4: A member in good standing shall be considered a person with dues paid.

Section 5: Officers and active members shall comprise the voting membership of the General Body.

ARTICLE VIII – Elections, Endorsements and Voting
Section 1: Elections of officers will be held at the first General Body meeting of each year. All terms are for one year.

Section 2: The order of elections will be as follows: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Director, and Policy and Political Director, and Fundraising Chair

Section 3: All contested officer elections must be held by secret ballot.

Section 4: Officers are elected by regular majority; if no candidate receives a majority the two (2) candidates with the most votes will have an instant runoff election.

Section 5: An endorsement requires two-thirds (2/3) of the general body (in attendance) voting in favor of the endorsement. Any voting member may request a secret ballot election.

Section 6: The Secretary and one assistant designated by the Chair will count the votes.

Section 7: All final votes will be displayed digitally on the RCYD social media sites.

Section 8: For digital elections, the secretary shall present the method of which a completely secret ballot shall be issued online, and approved by the executive board.

ARTICLE IX – Standing Committees
Section 1: The committees shall make their own rules under the purview of club bylaws and approved by the executive board.

Section 2: There will be three (3) standing committees. These committees will be the Campaign Committee, Political Committee and the Recruiting Committee.

Section 3: The Campaign committee will research and recommend endorsements for the
General Body, design campaign material and strategies, as well as organize rallies and get out the vote drives.

Section 4: The Policy and Political Committee will research and recommend positions on non-election issues and resolutions. Also, the committee may develop and recommend a policy platform for the RCYD.

Section 5: The Recruiting committee will reach out to new possible members and integrate them in RCYD, as well as design and implement new outreach strategies. And provide support to facilitate chartering of clubs on high school and college campuses.

Section 6: The chair of each committee shall have the power to appoint all committees, and approve all general membership volunteers. If the chair of said committee denies an appointment the member is allowed to make an appeal to the executive board at the next general membership meeting. In the event a committee does not exist, the Chair of the RCYD Executive Board, shall appoint people to form the committee. Thereafter, it shall be up to the body of the committee to vote and nominate their own Chair of the committee.
ARTICLE X – Forming New Committees
Section 1: The Chair or the Executive Board can form adjunct committees at any time for any reason they deem necessary.

Section 2: Any member in good standing can form adjunct committees by submitting a committee description for the approval of the Chair or Executive Board.

Section 3: All members of the executive board must sit on at least one subcommittee.

ARTICLE XI – Bylaw Amendments
Section 1: Amendments to these bylaws must be submitted in writing to the chapter Chair and chapter Secretary at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be considered. The Chair is obligated to place the amendment on the agenda for that meeting.

Section 2: The amendment will be considered approved if a regular majority (50% plus one) of the Executive Board and two-thirds (2/3) of the general body (in attendance) vote in favor of the amendment.

Section 3: The Chair can call for any amendment of the bylaws in a special meeting at any time. Any member of the RCYD can request the bylaws be amended with an approval of the executive board.

ARTICLE XII – Impeachment & Expelling
Section 1: Only the elected offices may be subject to impeachment. The E-Board reserves the right to remove anyone from an appointed position, pending approval of the Executive Board.
Standards for impeachment shall be:
A. Any person holding an elected office within the chapter may be impeached if found
guilty of failure to adequately perform his/her duties.
B. The person shall be notified of the charges against them no less than thirty days (30) prior to the meeting in which the impeachment will be discussed. A impeachment hearing shall be held before the executive board and the general membership, of which the accused has the opportunity to speak in his or her defense to the body.
A. Process of Impeachment:
1. Vote of no-confidence/approval of impeachment proceedings. Any member of the RCYD shall submit a request in writing to the executive board, that an officer or member be removed by impeachment. The request shall be discussed and voted upon by the RCYD executive board at a public meeting, as having either merit, or no merit. The accused shall be given 30 days to respond to the charges in writing. The accused has the right to be present while the board discusses the charges against him or her, however the accused cannot vote on approval or disapproval of moving forward with the impeachment proceeding. If 75% of the executive board votes for removal of any officer or member, impeachment proceedings shall commence. If the 75% threshold should not be achieved, impeachment shall not take place.
2. Approval of impeachment proceedings. If the executive board approves by a 75% majority to remove an officer or member, the general membership of the club shall officially vote for removal of the charged officer, at the next general membership meeting. A 75% majority is required for removal. This votee shall be final.

Section 2: A member may be expelled from the RCYD if:
A. He/she has engaged in work contrary to RCYD mission or damaged RCYD’s organization or reputation.
B. Seventy-Five percent (75%) of the Executive Board, and Seventy-Five percent (two-thirds) of the General Body (in attendance) vote for the expulsion.

Article XIII – Vacancy of Executive Board Position
Section 1: A vacancy in any position of the Riverside County Young Democrats may be filled by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board or a Majority Vote of the General Body, at the next general session

These By-laws shall become effective immediately upon their adoption and shall be governing rules of the RCYD.
These By-laws shall become effective immediately upon their adoption and shall be the governing rules of the RCYD.


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