Joshua Tree Clean-Up Hike

RCYD was joined by members of the community on Jan. 6th in Joshua Tree, CA at Joshua Tree National Park for a day of community service. As the shutdown drags on, our national parks are among the long list of people and places suffering due to lack of funding. There have been Joshua Trees cut down, graffiti drawn on rock structures, and new roadways forced upon the fragile lands.

We went out with one mission: leave the park a little better than when we got there. I can happily say, mission accomplished! We loaded and removed dozens of bags full of trash. We serviced several bathrooms with the full treatment: restock toilet paper, cleaned toilets, and mopped the floors. Considering what we had read in the papers, we were happy with the state of the park. These lands are a part of North American history. Some of the oldest living museums in the world are protected as public lands.

Let's all make sure we do our part in protecting these spaces for future generations to enjoy.