Happy Holidaze 2018!

Wow. We were wondering if we were ever going to make it past the Midterms, but here we are! Happy Holidays, RCYD!

This event was so much fun. There was a huge selection of food, drinks, and desserts, and I’m still wondering if our Policy Director Greg Hutchins, who hosted the party at his home, ever got around to washing all of the dishes from the preparation. Thank you to Maria Del Toro for donating her delicious baked goods for the party. Check out her Facebook page to see what kind of goodies she makes. Also, thank you to RCDP Chairwoman Tisa Rodriguez for donating a bunch of cupcakes for our members to enjoy.

If you didn’t make it this year, you missed out. Don’t worry. Only 12 months until the next holiday party. In the meantime, come out to our member events to get to know your fellow Young Dems! Maybe we can convince Maha to bring Cards Against Humanity to a monthly membership meeting for some post meeting drinks and CAH.